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Help Me Stop is an Australiaan-owned and operated business that is committed to providing convenient and reliable access to smoking cessation products, including vaping products, for people across the country

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It’s important to acknowledge there’s limited available evidence on the efficacy, safety or long-term health effects of nicotine vaping products. There are potential side effects associated with vaping. Long-term vaping and dual-use (smoking and vaping concurrently) is not recommended and should be avoided. Regular review and monitoring by your regular GP is advised along your smoking cessation journey.

Preliminary research shows vaping can be harmful to the lungs, heart and liver. There is also substantial evidence from animal research that e-cigarette use alters gene expression related to the circadian rhythm which controls sleep and wake cycles.

Although evidence is limited on the safety of vaping, Australiaa has standards and guidelines for legally prescribed vape products to ensure users receive vape devices and e-liquid that meet Australiaan manufacturing compliance benchmarks. Read more about the potential dangers of vaping here

Select pharmacies can dispense nicotine prescriptions in Australiaa. However, the only way to get a prescription is from a doctor. If you want to fill your prescription at a local or online provider (such as, then the doctor must apply to the TGA to become an authorized prescriber of vaping products. At all our doctors are authorized and will assess your eligibility in a no-cost virtual consultation. If you are eligible, they will give you a prescription, and you can purchase vaping products here in Australiaa. 

A pack a day smoker can spend up to $50 a day. A person using prescription vaped nicotine can expect to pay around $5 a day for a similar level of nicotine consumption.

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