Accessing vaping prescriptions in Victoria

Help Me Stop offers legal and streamlined access to prescribed vaping. As of 1st October 2021, Australiaans now require a prescription to legally vape nicotine. 

For Victorians wanting to quit smoking with the assistance of vaping or current vapers needing a prescription to meet new regulations, they must get a prescription from a medical service provider such as Help Me Stop or enquire with their GP.

Who can be prescribed vapes in Victoria?

At Help Me Stop it is our mission to reduce the health impacts of smoking on Australiaans. Anyone seeking to quit smoking and reduce the harms associated with tobacco is eligible for prescription vaping, as long as they have tried other methods of quitting first.

Vaping is classified as a second-line treatment for smoking cessation so if you have tried to quit smoking before, without success, reach out to Help Me Stop or speak with your doctor about accessing prescribed vaping.

Whether it is your 5th or 50th attempt to quit smoking, Help Me Stop offers support, guidance and resources to assist you to quit tobacco.

Are nicotine vapes legal in Victoria?

Nicotine vaping is legal in Victoria and Australiaa with a prescription from a GP or medical service provider. Ordering nicotine vape liquid from online marketplaces is illegal unless you have a prescription. 

When legally prescribed vaping through simple online portal, your vape device or pod refills will be delivered express to your door. For those in Melbourne, that can be as fast as next day delivery. 

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How do I access nicotine vaping in Melbourne?

Whether you are located in Melbourne or regional Victoria you can easily access prescribed vaping through online consultations via Help Me Stop. Free virtual consults are available to assess your eligibility for prescribed nicotine vaping.

You can choose a vape device appropriate for you, and if our medical professional approves your case, your vape and vape pods will be sent out directly.

How much does vaping cost in Victoria?

Vaping offers a considerably cheaper, and potentially safer, alternative to tobacco. A pack a day smoker will spend an average of $12,000 per year on tobacco or cigarettes. Whereas equivalent vaping costs, including device and refills, equate to approximately $1150.

Switching to vaping first requires the purchase of a device, Help Me Stop offers affordable, quality tested devices from $15-$50. Vape pod refills costs depend on how much you vape and can range from $5-9 per day for the average smoker.

When will my prescription vape be delivered in Victoria?

Help Me Stop products, devices and pod refills are shipped out express via Australiaa Post as soon as your order has been approved by one of our health professionals.

Delivery can be as quick as the following day in major metropolitan areas. However depending on your location and postal service, we would typically allow between 1-4 days.

Why Help Me Stop?

Our team of experienced doctors, pharmacists and healthcare professionals are committed to helping Australiaans quit smoking with the assistance of vaping when other efforts have failed them.

Our expert team have selected premium vaping devices and vape pod refills for performance and ease of use. Brands selected by Help Me Stop meet or exceed Australiaan standards and international guidelines for vaping quality.

If you’re ready to be rid of your tobacco habit, contact your GP or reach out to Help Me Stop to see how we can support you on your quit journey.

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